The Martin Luther King Jr. Living Memorial of the Martin Luther King Jr. Foundation of Alaska is an outgrowth of the desire of the Living Memorial Committee of Anchorage, Alaska. This committee consists of Pastor Alonzo B. Patterson, attorney Jim Barnett, Archbishop Francis T. Hurley, Father Chuck Eddie, Pastor Rick Benjamin, Ms. Wilma Jones, Reverend Connie Jones,  Rabbi Harry L. Rosenfeld, Pastor Jay Olsen-Ketchum, and attorney Douglas B. Baily. Other  persons who assisted the committee at the closing of the project were: Mayor Rick Mystrom, Ms. Jewel Jones, and Ms. Eleanor Andrews.

        These people came together with the desire to establish a point of visual healing and perpetual unity in the Anchorage community. In 1986, Governor Bill Sheffield appointed a Martin Luther King Holiday Recognition Committee charged with the task of recognizing and celebrating the Martin Luther King holiday in Alaska.

        Dr. Alonzo B. Patterson was appointed by the governor as chairman of this committee. When this committee dissolved, the Martin Luther King Foundation of Alaska was organized and incorporated in the 1980's. The city Assembly voted to name a street after Martin Luther King; this act was later reversed at the ballot box. Jim Barnett, then chairman of the Assembly, led the effort for the city to provide land for the present Living Memorial site located at l Street between    9th & 10th Street on the Park Strip.

        The Martin Luther King Foundation had to raise $250,000 of community funds to build the Memorial. The above committee of leaders was asked to help. They responded gladly and the money was raised for the project. The site was finally completed in 1998/1999. This site reflects the contributions and support for this wonderful project by a community effort. The city maintains the memorial along with several other sites in the area.

        Visitors are invited to share in this community project. Everyone is encouraged to visit this community memorial and contemplate the depth of Martin Luther King Jr.'s commitment to peace, unity, and brotherhood - the dream is evolving all around us!

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